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Manufacturing process

The main production processes of the company's foundry workshop include wax mold precision casting, coated sand casting, ordinary sand casting, metal mold casting, etc.

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One stop solution

We offer our customers with one-stop solutions on precision copper and copper alloys castings
and provide advice including product optimization,material choice,improvement of manufacturability , cost reduction and inspection & testing criteria.


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Investment casting process

Investment casting is one of the complex casting processes. It can not only form the complex structure of parts, but also achieve high dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

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Casting technology of coated sand

Sand casting is a metal forming process. First, a three-dimensional sand mold is formed, and then the molten metal is poured into the cavity of the sand mold for solidification.

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Metal mold casting process

Surface treatment is usually a process that enhances the appearance or performance of a workpiece by changing its surface. Surface treatment usually refers to electroplating, which is one of the widely used surface treatment technologies

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Precision machining

Precision machining is the process of removing materials from the workpiece and producing precision parts with strict tolerance and high surface quality.

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Quality inspection center

Permanent mold casting is a metal casting process, usually using reusable molds made of metal ("permanent molds"). We provide permanent die casting to supplement our other casting processes.

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