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Industry trends
C83600 material
Number of views:    2020-04-30
C83600 lead red copper alloy, also known as SAE 40 and 85-5-5-5 bronze, is the most commonly used red alloy copper. Cda836 has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and fatigue resistance, moderate strength, good thermal conductivity and conductivity. It also has good corrosion resistance, machinability and high casting yield. C86300 / SAE 40 red bronze has centrifugal casting, continuous casting and sand casting. C83600 lead red brass is used for lightning protection, switches, air actuators, printers, pump impellers and valve bodies.
With output halved and demand skyroc...
Number of views:    2019-03-05
In Africa, where copper production is high, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo have both raised taxes on the industry. In response to additional taxes, fqm announced plans to cut jobs; vedantax's smelter in Zambia will cut production; and Glencore said it would consider halving production at its mutanda mine in Congo. Supply from Indonesia's copper mine, Grasberg, is declining. In addition, in 2018, the shutdown and overhaul of overseas smelting plants such as Sterlite, pasar, chuiquicamata, etc. resulted in the narrowing of refined copper supply.
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